About Us

The simple act of remembering the past is something we all do as humans. Whether it’s grievance for a loss, or the celebration of a lifetime, we want to help you to honour the moments that defined your life.
We believe the remembrance of the past is one of the most important aspects of our lives. We believe everybody should be able to reflect upon the birth of their children, their wedding day, birthdays, and best days, with happiness in their heart. We believe everybody should be able to grieve in peace and comfort; we want to help your healing process.
Our pieces are all individually hand-crafted with the respect your most precious memories deserve. Using the finest materials we combine items of personal value with glass jewellery, creating keepsakes and heirlooms to last generations.
The fusing of the sand from a honeymoon beach, or your newborn child’s hair, into one of our products captures the memory eternally. Our pieces let you keep your most cherished memories close to you forever.