Q. Will I be able to see my loved one's ashes in the piece?

A. Yes, the ashes are visible in the glass.

Q. Will I be able to see fur, horsehair, hair etc in the piece?

A. You will not see the fur, horsehair, hair etc in the glass, but the reaction of bubbles it creates when added, due to my beads being made from glass and not resin.

Q. How much ash do you require?

A. A teaspoon per item is required, any unused ashes will be returned with your order.

Q. Will my flecked bead be the same as featured in the pictures?

A. No one piece is ever exactly the same. This is because the ashes react to the molten glass and create little air pockets and markings, resulting in a unique pattern which can never be recreated.

Q. How much hair, horsehair or fur do you require?

A. A small sample per item is required, any unused will be returned with your order.

Q. Can I fuse multiple items into one piece?

A. Yes, some people choose to combine items of several loved one's and have one remembrance piece created with them all together. Others prefer individual pieces for each one.

Q. Do you ship worldwide?

A. Yes we do, relevant postage costs will be calculated when you order.

Q. Do the charm beads fit Pandora, Troll and Chamilia bracelets?

A. Yes

Q. What is the difference between opaque, transparent and transparent with flecks?

A. Opaque glass is cloudy and you are not able to see through it. Transparent glass allows light to pass through it and is see-through. Transparent with flecks allow light to pass through it, however it will have flecks of your chosen colour visible.

Q. Is it possible to have multiple colours in the glass?

A. Multiple colours can be added to transparent glass. There is a choice of three multicoloured charm beads available, however if you would like to choose alternative colours this would be submitted for a price from the custom design page.

Q. Do you sell gift vouchers?

A. Gift vouchers can be provided on request, please email us at michelle@memoriesinglass.org

Q. Do your products come with accessories?

A. Pendants come complete with a hallmarked 18 inch chain.

Q. How long will I wait for my item?

A. Items can take between 4 - 6 weeks for delivery depending on the product.

Q. What do I send my item in?

A. A small press and seal bag is ideal, alternatively any other safe means is acceptable.

Q. What address do I send my item to?

A. Memories In Glass, 10 Skylark Road, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9AQ. You will be notified when it arrives.

Q. What length is the pendant necklace?

A. Pendants come with a hallmarked 18 inch chain.

Q. How can I find my ring size?

A. You can either use a jeweller, buy or print a sizer online.

Q. Will my beads all be exactly the same size?

A. Charms beads have a hole diameter of 5mm. Each bead is created by hand and is a unique, one of a kind piece which can never be replicated, therefore sizes may vary. As I am unaware of your individual collections as they can vary in bead sizes, if you specifically require a thinner or wider bead please let me know.

Q. What do I do if my jewellery piece is lost or stolen?

A. Memories In Glass do not offer refunds or replacements for lost or stolen items. We recommend the use of safety chains on bracelets and insurance cover is advisable on all valuable jewellery. This does not affect your statutory rights.