Hand Crafted Glass Memory Beads Celebrating Loved Ones
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This page answers some commonly asked questions about my beads.

Q. How do I order multi coloured beads?

A. If you require your own choice of colours added to the bead, click on multi as your colour choice and whether you would like transparent or opaque glass. Then click 'add a note to your order' where you will be able to message me and list the colours you would like.

Q. Do I get a discount if I don't have the bracelet/necklace and just the bead?

A. No, the prices are based on the bead size and the accessories are included in the price.

Q. What size are the beads?
A. The bead sizes are approximately:
  • Small - 8mm diameter
  • Medium - 10mm diameter
  • Large - 12mm diameter
Q. Do the beads fit a Pandora/Troll/Chamilia bracelet?
A. Yes. 
Q. What is the difference between opaque, transparent and transparent with flecks?
A. Opaque is clouded glass that you can't see-through, transparent glass is clear and see-through,  and transparent with flecks is clear glass with chosen flecks of colour added.
Q. How long will I wait for my bead(s)?
A. From receiving your item, the bead(s) will take no longer than 1 month to be delivered to you, unless otherwise stated.
Q. What do I send my item in?
A. A small press and seal bag is ideal, alternatively any other safe means is acceptable. 
Q. How much ash/fur/hair/horsehair do you need?
A. A teaspoon of ash or a small clump of fur, hair and horsehair. 
Q. Do you return any remainder of the item I have sent you that you do not use?
A. Yes, all of which has not been used will be returned to you along with your bead(s). 
Q. What address do I send my item to?
A. Memories In Glass, 2 Trumpington Place, Cambridge, CB2 9NU, UK. 
Q. Can I wear my bead in water?
A. No.
Q. What length are the bracelets and necklaces?
A. The bracelets are 17cm and the necklaces are 20 inches.
Q. How can I find my ring size?
A. You can either ask a jeweller to measure you, print off a ring size chart from Google or buy a ring sizer on eBay.