Hand Crafted Glass Memory Beads Celebrating Loved Ones
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Memories In Glass

Baby/Human Hair In Glass Charm Bead Necklace (5mm Hole)


Individually sculptured glass beads. Every piece is unique, this is the beauty of being hand crafted. I take the highest level of care and respect whilst creating your memory bead. Each order includes a silver plated chain. Colours vary as no two beads are identical.

It is only the large hole style bead that will fit all popular European style charm bracelets. The eyelet core is sterling silver and has a 5mm opening.

Silver plated necklace length is 20 inches.

Items react differently when fused into molten glass. 
You do not see your item in the glass but the reaction it creates when added, due to my beads being glass and not plastic resin. White and black flecks, soot and bubbles can be visible.

How I Work

I take meaningful items and fuse them into the glass. Each item will react differently to the glass depending on its individual make up. White and black flecks, soot and bubbles can be visible. 

Silver plated bracelet length is 17cm.

My Promise

If you would like to share any part of your story, I would love to hear whose honour this piece is being made for. Each bead is made individually in a clean environment, where the contents will not be mixed with others. I would be delighted to create a memory in glass for you, and if you have any questions please contact me.

Order Instructions

After your purchase -

1. Send a teaspoon of ash/cremains, piece of fur or horse tail to 2 Trumpington Place, Cambridge, CB2 9NU. I cannot assume liability for any damages to your bead contents prior to their arrival. 

2. I will contact you to confirm your item(s) have arrived safely.

3. Anything not used will be returned to you with your finished piece(s).

4. Allow up to 4 weeks for your item(s) to ship out from the time they are received.

5. I ship Monday - Friday.

6. Shipping is prepaid during the checkout process. Your bead(s) will be shipped to the delivery address you specified during the checkout. 

7. Tracking insurance is optional at checkout. If your purchase is lost or damaged in shipping, it is the responsibility of the insurer (you) to claim the insurance.

Photographs may be used for marketing purposes.

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